Pallet of Pine Straw


For all customers residing in the Mid-Atlantic States, most times you will not need to order a pallet as we will make the delivery ourselves on our own trucks. Please click on the below link and insert your zip code, this will tell you if we can deliver to you on our own trucks. If the system responds by saying you’re outside our normal delivery area, you will need to order a pallet. Thank you.

Pallet of Pine Straw Mulch- available to ship nationwide and to Canada

  • Free shipping!*
  • 36 Bales to a pallet
  • Each bale weighs approx. 13/lbs.
  • Bale size: 13″ x 13″ x 26″
  • 1 bale covers 40 sq. ft at a depth of 3″ (standard mulching depth)
  • 3 bales of pine straw =  1 cubic yard of hardwood mulch
  • Pine straw harvested from South Carolina

Pallet orders can be delivered to both residential and commercial locations. Pallets are delivered via common carrier (ie R&L Carriers, Ward, etc) with lift gate service and a scheduled delivery appointment.

Orders typically ship within 48 hrs. and arrive within 2 to 5 days.

Strategically located in Pennsylvania our shipments are able to reach customers in New England, Mid-West and Mid-Atlantic states more quickly than shipping from the South.

*within the contiguous US states

In order to comply with USDA Federal Guidelines, all of our Longleaf Pine Straw is inspected by Clemson University’s invasive species department to ensure our product complies with the USDA guidelines for shipping nursery stock from southern states. We are the only known Pine Straw Company to meet this requirement.